(Michael Chapman)

I'm wondering and waiting, my back against the wall,
Not a word that past between us, can my mind recall,
There's just your shadow on the windows
As you walk down that cold, cold hall,
You never wanted me babe, you never knew me at all.

And i haven't any pictures to hang before my eyes
And there's no-one left to blame babe,
When the blues start to rise
Just the memory of your laughter and the living of our lives,
If i could have changed my ways babe,
We need never have said goodbye.

If you ever get the time babe,
Try to think of me.
It's only in your mind that you can set me free
You can't hurt me anymore babe,
It can't be hard to see.

Someday someone will leave you and I know you'll feel the same,
You'll mark it down to memory and the dream that never came,
There are no answers given when love is just a game,
You never wanted me babe and now I feel the same.

Wrytree Music Ltd