(Lesley Duncan / Jimmy Horowitz)

All my friends are travelers, we don't often get to meet
But I know they're out there somewhere, and the knowin'
Keeps me sweet.
Now some go out in limousines, and some leave
On their feet
And I never really feel as if they're gone
No I never really feel as if they're gone.

Amanda's like my sister, and she's out there in L.A.
But the wings of love fly straight and true,
So we keep in touch that way,
Now there's other friends less sensitive, I guess they'll
Use the phone someday
And we watch the wheels of life keep spinning on
Yes we watch the wheels of life keep spinning on.

Now the chain of love keeps growing
And the world keeps getting small
And soon there won't be room enough to separate us all
When the voice of love grows strong enough
It could break down any wall
And you'll hear it call, you'll hear it call.

Now sometimes when I look ahead I could cry at what I see
Some say it's an easy road but it never was for me
The damage is not half undone and we've all
Got dues to pay
But we get the help we need along the way
Yes the light keeps growing stronger every day.

1971 Sunlight Music Productions LTD / G.H. Music