(Lesley Duncan / Jimmy Horowitcz)

Maybe it's a cold wind traveling through
Maybe it's a rainy day but what can we do
We're just children run where they may
See it all then, throw it away

Maybe it's a wrong time to say what I mean
Can't get it over but I know where I've been
We're just lover's dancing in time
All the others breaking my mind

Don't worry 'bout it
Everything's all right
Don't worry 'bout it
Cos we'll work this thing out, alright
Don't worry 'bout it
Don't ever doubt it
Gonna get through the night

Maybe in the morning love will come in
But for the moment there's just no way to win
We're just moon beams chasing the sun
Now it all seems over and done

Sunlight Music Productions Ltd. / G.H. Music