(Lesley Duncan)

Hey, hey my babe
Just look what you've done now
Took me to the sunshine of you room and told me
All the years between were just long distance lies
You didn't have to say a word because I knew
I saw it in your eyes, yes I did

Hey, hey my love
Now I've some to see yes I have
Everyone who really loves will get there somehow
Doesn't really matter how they choose to flow
I would've love to travel with you but I knew
I had to let you go so I did

And now I know the meaning of true sorrow
I stand alone a better soul by far
Stripped on all my pride
I got nothing much left to hide
And now I know exactly who you are
Yes I do, who you are
And I don't like it

Hey, hey my babe
Don't think too bad of me
I could have loved you better if I really wanted
That's the thing I'd really like you to believe
Would have been unfair to me
I knew I had to go and I didn't want to grieve
no no no no

Sunshine Music