Fans Tribute to Lesley

August 12, 1943 - March 12, 2010
After a five year illness, Lesley Duncan passed away. Below are messages from Lesley's many fans tributing her and her music.

A special message from Lesley's husband.....
March 12, 2010
"This afternoon I drove to the hospital at about 2pm and on the way I got a call that Lesley's condition had deteriorated alarmingly. When I arrived at her bedside, the nurse had put on the Sing Children Sing album playing softly in the background. I held Lesley's hand and after about ten minutes Love Song started to play. During the song I felt one or two tremors pass through Lesley's body and, as her lovely song ended, she passed away. It was as peaceful, I think, as death can be and a relief after her years of struggle."
Tony Cox
I'd like to thank Tony for allowing me to share this with Lesley's fans. And thanks so much to David V. Barrett for keeping me in the loop in this sad time.

"I was fortunate enough to have Lesley see this web site and email me before her illness. Her music means a lot to me and it was nice to be able to give something back to her and know that she liked what I did. Her music touched people around the world and will live on. Thank you Lesley....
Sam N. Vetovich
Paxinos, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
"The thoughts of all of us are with Tony, Sam and Joe, and with all who knew and loved Lesley.
I never met Lesley, but I want to thank her for her music, which has been part of my life since 1972. Moon Bathing was my favourite album, and also hers:
Letting the day go, just spendin' time
Watching the fire glow and drinking wine
Nothing upon my mind
Leaving it all behind
Gently melt away
Into the soft light"

David V Barrett
"Devastated to hear of Lesley's death. I only hope she knew how much we appreciated her and her wonderful, unique voice, lost to us so tragically early."
Phil Platts
Ashbourne, Derbyshire
"Lesley truly sings with the angels today. She always had the voice and the heart for it.
Rest Well and Peacefully.
Gene Cothron
Indiana, USA
"I'm so saddened to learn of Lesley's death. "Love Song" is a timeless classic that I've been singing for it seems like forever...and I never tire of it. I will sing it at our gig tomorrow night in her honor. R.I.P. Lesley."
Youngstown, OH USA
"Very sorry to hear the sad news about Lesley. She made many important contributions to music that was very important to me.
All my best to her family and friends."

Rj Noles
Freeburg, IL, USA
"Dear Lesley
Shine on!"
"R.I.P. dear Leslie"
Domenico Mellone
"Always thought you were very talented and never really heard enough of you here in Oz. Didn't know of your work on DSOTM but loved Love Song . Pity we never heard more- . RIP. "
Thanks for the music Peter Row
Bris Australia
"I'm just too sad learning that she passed away just yesterday. She had a beautiful voice."
Carlos Dominguez
"Everything Changes...Lesley was perfect..."
Sydney, Australia
"So sorry to hear about Leslie's passing. Moonbathing is one of my all-time favorite albums."
"I first encountered Lesley's lovely voice on The Alan Parsons Project "Eve" when I was eleven years old. I'm so very sorry to hear of her passing. I do hope that there might be some push to release a complete anthology of her work on compact disc. You may be gone from us, Lesley, but you are certainly not forgotten!"
Parrish Highley
United States
"Lesley, You were a wonderful sweet talented lady, a great loss to us all. RIP"
Roj Lambert
"Without wishing to demean Lesley's solo recording and composing achievements (which were significant by any standards), and only because it is the highest accolade which I can pay, Lesley was part of what I consider the world's greatest vocal backing choir of their time, in company with her friends Madeline Bell and the late, lovely Kay Garner. Their combined contribution to global music culture is inestimable, and singers like these warranted huge success which seemed to come so easily to far lesser talents. But as I can see from tributes, others recognized REAL talent. My sincere condolences go to her family."
John Harding
Sydney, Australia
"Sad to hear about Lesley. You may not know this but she worked a lot with John Carter (Ivy League, Flower Pot Men) as a vocalist on demos. We compiled some of this work on RPM/Cherry Red Records under than name Ministry of Sound. However, one of the Lesley lead vocals wasn't included... a song called "How Could a Love So Good Go Bad". The track "Something's Coming a Long" that appears on Dream Babes is from those same sessions.
Lastly, a collector friend of mine turned up a nice song on acetate called "I Gotta Make a Call" which sure sounds like a Lesley original - a beautiful track.
Please do contact me if you haven't heard these items.
Again, so sad to hear about Lesley."

- Mark Frumento
Cherry Hill, NJ USA
"My condolences on the passing of a lovely lady."
Noreen Romano
"Today, I am very sad."
Grady Moates
Boston, US
"We still care, Heaven knows we do! Sing Angels Sing for God is real. Her music is inspiring. I'm sure she was born again and now gone home."
Durham, England
"I've been thinking about, and listening to, Lesley all weekend. My condolences to her family and friends.
Her fantastic music has enriched my life immeasurably."

Tom Wallace
Arlington, VA, USA
"I am mostly familiar with Lesley's contributions to albums by Kiki Dee and Elton John. His early work was truly made better by her contributions.  If you have seen early Elton John performances shows where she sang backup as I have seen thru utube and elsewhere, u will find an era where Elton's live sound was different than it is today. there was an authenticity there as if Elton was having close friends backing him up. I have heard her "Love Song" on Tumbleweed countless times as well as her live appearance On Elton's "Here and there" album. I know a Christian artist recorded Love Song as a Christian song giving it new meaning. I think his name was Brown Bannister. It is also worthy of note that as far as I know, Love song is the only song Elton John ever performed onstage that he played on guitar and not the piano. It was a rare occasion that I think only happened on his 76 and 86 tours when Elton donned an acoustic guitar to perform it. That song and her voice touched me in many ways, including as one of Elton's valuable back up vocalist. May the Lord be with her friends and family, and may they feel His presence. I am saddened by this news. Her music touched many I am sure."
Bruce Dill
Houston, Texas
 "I would like to echo John Harding's sentiments.
Truer words were never said.
Deepest sympathy to Tony and family and to all who were special to Lesley."

Larry Parker
Newcastle Australia
 "I was very shocked and saddened to hear of Lesley's death.
I have enjoyed her music ever since I first heard her back in the seventies.
Condolences and thoughts go out to her family and friends."

Helen Rowe
  "I bought Sing Children Sing when it first came out and the words and music have lived with me since then. It is still one of my very favorite albums, the words say so much. My condolences to her family and Lesley, thank you so much, you have enriched my life so greatly x "
Robert Fuge
Reading, England
  "First met her in the sixties around studios in the Smoke - turned out she was from just up the road from my family, in Stockton. Her voice stole a piece of my heart away back then, every time she sang. That bit of my heart is now broken, and I am very sad - but can not imagine what her family are feeling. Gentle hugs..... "
Nik Henville
Lincoln, UK
  "Another great talent lost too soon. I have to admit to only knowing of Lesley's career because she was a backing singer to the late Dusty Springfield. From that introduction I came to better understand the gift she shared with us all. My condolences. R.I.P. Lesley"
Janie Northam
United Kingdom
  "Was introduced to your beautiful music via the wonderful Dusty Springfield. An amazing talent, we are so saddened to hear of your death. Our love to Tony and 'Jess'.
Your music will live on forever. RIP "

Odette Ryan
  "Dear Tony, Sam & Joe; I am so sorry I can't be with you all Friday as I fly home to Spain for Barry's memorial service. Please know that I am thinking of you. Lesley is & will always be my little sister. My 1st studio session was with her. Madeline xxxxxxxxxxx"
Madeline Bell
  "I was aware for some time that Lesley was unwell. I last had contact with her when she sent a recorded message of support to the Dusty Day charity 3 years ago. Although I never met her, Lesley & I felt close, as all of us do who were part of Dusty's "family".
She was clearly a beautiful soul, and I'm thankful that music lives on."

Simon Bell
London U.K.
"What a tragedy. Lesley of course recorded the monster classic, 'I Want A Steady Guy', which was also done by Lucille Starr in 1965 with resounding success. Lesley's subsequent work represented some of the finest in all of music. She is greatly missed. Prayers are going up on behalf of Tony and their family."
Michael McDowell/Blitz Magazine
Los Angeles, California USA
"Just wanted to pass along my sympathies to the family & friends of Lesley Duncan. I know her only from one of the greatest songs ever, 'If I could change your mind", w/ the AParsons Project in 1979. The beauty of this song, and her lovely voice, has forever inspired me, and many others, and added more grace and beauty to this world, and my life. My deepest thanks and gratitude; as she ascends to her Eternal reward in Heaven. Most sincerely, Mark Franc"
Mark T. Franc
Pittsburgh, Pa. USA
"Thank you, Lesley, for so many beautiful moments with your music."
Pascal Gregory
"Our beloved Lesley wrote and sang some of the most beautiful songs about Love I've ever listened to. Her music means a lot to me... Without her , we all lose a great smile , a great artist, and ( as as fans) specially that good friend we never knew but always encouraged us to live our life with so much love to share...
My heartfelt condolences for her family and friends."

"This is a deeply sad moment. I have wonderful memories of Lesley, who was an important part of my arrival into the music business. She appeared on the first ever 'Whistle Test' and recorded many sessions for my 'Sounds of the 70's' Radio 1 shows. I thought she was a gentle and hugely talented artist and a genuinely lovely person. I'll be playing 'Everything Changes' on Radio 2 this Saturday. Love from myself and Jeff Dexter, who passed on the sad news."
Bob Harris
"I'm so saddened to hear the news about Lesley. I met her through Tony and Bunk Dogger and then through playing cricket with/against Tony's team in Woodstock. She was such a modest person. After a game she laid on supper for the visiting team. The conversation turned to music. "I made a few records", she remarked. My condolences to Tony and the family."
Steve Howard
"So sad to hear of Lesley's death. I remember when 'Sing Children Sing' was re-released in 1979, as an all-star charity single (with Pete Townshend, Phil Lynett, Kate Bush and others) and I was really touched by the song. Lesley had a lovely natural voice. My condolences to her family."
Staines, UK
"Dear Lesley, I just want to say thank you for your beautiful has always meant a great deal to me. Rest in peace sweet lady ~ I hope you are singing with the angels."
Bobbie Cook
  "Very sad...I heard Love Song in the 1973.
Today march 16 2010 I found out who the song wrote. And sadly must I read that this person died. My deepest condolences."

Stuttgart Germany
  "I'm really sad to hear this news. I have enjoyed her songs and contributions to other artist's music for a long time. A few months ago, I even recorded my own cover version of "Love Song" because I love that song so much. Thank you, Lesley... for touching the world with your talent."
Cary Heuchert
Vancouver, Canada
  "I was deeply saddened to learn from my very close friend Madeline Bell that Lesley had past on. My heart goes out to Tony and family. I used to be Madeline's fan club sec in the 60s and Lesley was a honorary member of the fan club. I was introduced to Lesley through Madeline and I always found Lesley to be a warm and friendly person. We both are from the north east. I have most of Lesley's singles and albums my fav is Love Song which Lesley wrote. I met Lesley many times during the 60s at recording and TV sessions especially for Dusty. Lesley was a great session singer and superb artist in her own right. My last special memory of her was Lesley doing a tap dance routine 4 me while waiting 4 a taxi. Happy times. I know Lesley is singing and dancing now in the great beyond. Till we meet again Lesley. All my love. Alan"
Alan Hodgson
Cambridge UK
  "Finally at peace dear Lesley. Thank You for the lovely music that you gave us."
London / England
  "Your friends on Mull know you as a friendly, warm and fun person. You are missed. The facts about your talents in the music business, are just being revealed to some of us now."
Charlotte Mellis
Isle of Mull, Scotland
  "Sadly, everything changes. thank you for times past for time's passed..."
Johannesburg, South Africa
"Music has always been a driving passion in my life, and the greatest single contributor has been in the shape of Lesley Duncan. It is rare that a day goes by without one of her songs in my mind.
My eternal thanks to Lesley for being"

Ian Culpin
  "I just learned of Lesley's passing some minutes ago. This is very sad news, and I'm sad to hear that she has been ill for some time. I knew nothing of this. She was a great singer and songwriter, with a great voice. The music world is a MUCH poorer place without her in it. My sincerest condolences to Lesley's family, at this terrible time, I'm sure you're very proud of her, she was special."
Tony Rivers
RIP Lesley
  "How very sad. She was a great singer and writer. I never knew Lesley but knew of her, through my visits to the Sawmills studio/Cornwall (my home ) back in the day. My condolences to Tony and her family. Kas"
Kas Mercer
London UK
  "I was so sad to hear of Lesley's passing this morning. I was a big fan of hers and loved her albums. I unfortunately never got to see her live but her records will live with me for the rest of my life along with memories of a lovely lady. RIP Lesley."
Richard King
London, England
  "Dear Lesley,
Thank you so much for your great songs and beautiful voice. You ll stay with us forever."

Christophe Piot
Biarritz, France
  "So sad she has gone, my sincere condolences to her family.
I mainly remember that beautiful song she wrote with Scott Walker."You're All Around Me" RIP"

Peterborough UK
"Just heard the very sad news from Billy Gaff (my uncle)about the passing of Lesley. Although I hadn't seen or spoken to Lesley for many years she has always had a very special place in my heart. You may be gone Lesley but you'll never be forgotten. My sincere condolences to Tony, Sam and Joe."
Kate Gadd
London. UK
"Sad to hear that Lesley has passed over. I loved her album Everything Changes - I listened to it all the time when I was in my teens, and it brings back loads of memories. She was very talented with a beautiful voice.
Condolences to her family and friends. Sarah x"

Sarah Booking
London UK
  "I met Lesley a few years ago. Wonderful person. Very sad news."
Boo Hewerdine
Ely, Uk
  "Farewell 'Earth Mother'
Thank you for your beautiful voice and touching songs, they will enchant us through the airwaves for evermore"

Walliswood, UK
  "I’m mindedly sad nothing but. I want to listen to her voice quietly now."
Tokyo, Japan
"Lesley was a good friend to me when I was a young girl like her in the music business. She learned some chords from me and then she was away!Long time has passed.Often thought of and never forgotten. A beautiful spirit and a truly gifted woman."
Beverley Martyn
"The choir in heaven will be singing a little more sweetly now."
Gordon Chalmers
"So sad to hear of Lesley's passing. I have lovely memories of wonderful meals at her home in Woodstock. RIP to a fantastic singer and a lovely person.
Judy xx"

Judy Dyble
"We will never forget you Lesley, you always had a smile on your face."
Iona Mac Donald
Tobermory, Isle of Mull
"Sweet bird ... Thank you for your beautiful song. Fly away to a better place. Fly away ... with love."
Den Adair
Seattle, U.S.A.
"I am so sorry and so sad to hear of the loss of someone whose music has been a part of my life for so long, Lesley your words and music have inspired me, made me cry, made me smile and made me think, - thank you
"And you always will be,
Cherished by me"
Lesley - Rest in peace
My sincere condolences to her family and friends."

Stuart Renshaw
  "My condolences to Lesley's husband and family. Her voice will forever remind me of days gone by and memories of when I was younger. Her voice being one of the fond, joyful memories of my time spent on Earth. May the Great Spirits guide her on the next chapter of her life."
In thought,
Yogi Garcia
March 18th,2010
Victoria, BC, Canada
  "I'm so glad that I have the memories of having seen Lesley in concert twice, given that she wasn't that keen on live performances."
Val Jennings
  "Leslie was always so warm and friendly and a joy to work with at the lunches. Her music was amazing and vairi enjoyed singing her song so much. Tony and family we send you all our love."
Joanie and John Mackay
"Her music is a beautiful message the world so desperately needs to hear."
Johnny Case
Fort Worth, Texas USA
"Dear Lesley known you since your brother Jimmy managed my band the answers back in 66 you were always so kind and supportive you backed me in Holland on the grand gala de disc with your wonderful voice 1971 loved you always as a very special soul.
My deepest sympathy goes out to your family ,friends and fans around the world love and peace always."

J Vincent Edwards
"So saddened by this news - can't quite beleive it.
Your songs were so gentle, emotional, uplifting - unforgettable, and deserving of a much wider appreciation.
My sincere condolences to Lesley's family and friends - but her music lives on."

Mike Nobbs
"Lesley's voice was unique in its quiet warmth and depth, and her songs were somehow both distinctive and of the time - some so strongly etched in my musical consciousness these thirty-odd years.
I feel privileged to have seen her perform live - and also fortunate to have been able to return to her songs through her recordings, and each time relive what I felt on first listening.
Lesley - thank you. Your music lives on."

David Booth
York, England
"Such very very sad news. I first met Lesly in 1963 when she came to London and we worked together several years later with Dusty Springfield doing many tours, shows and sessions. I never knew she had been sick for so long and really shocked when I heard of her passing. I was hoping to catch up with her when I return to Britain for Dusty Day in April. She was a talented writer/singer and a beautiful person. You will be missed. Rest in peace."

Your Friend Douggie Reece
Melbourne Australia
"Deeply saddened to learn of Lesley's transition. I clearly recollect purchasing her single "Love Song" when I was 18 and growing up in Edinburgh. Truly beautiful. Now, some 40 years later, I am sitting here crying.. So many memories evoked... So simple and so true... "Love is what what we came here for." Thank you Lesley..."
Doogie (Douglas) Armstrong
St Louis USA
"Another part of my youth fades away. Love Song, by her, not the Elton John version, was part of my teenage soundtrack. I am truly sad about this."
"So sad, tinged with the bitter sweet expectation that Lesley's music will become more easily available and that she will now get some well deserved recognition."
"Too young to leave us but you left us some beautiful lasting memories , thank you Lesley."
David Paterson
"Just heard about Lesley's passing. I like a lot of other people thought her albums were beautiful. Moonbathing was my own favourite and it was looking to see if I could download a copy that led me to the sad news."
Paul W
"I would just like to pass on my heartfelt condolences to all who knew and worked with Lesley. Rest in peace."
Joe Watters
"I didn't know her music well, but saw her perform once in the mid-Seventies (supporting whom? I can't remember)and her beautiful rendition of 'I Can See Where I'm Going' has stayed with me ever since. What a sad loss."
Anthony Gardner
"A very talented lady, hopefully all of her albums will be re-released and re-discovered.
My favourite track is Maybe its Lost."

Tim Webb
"Very shocked to hear of her death., She came from the best era for music and life in general. I have listened to her music for years and always reminds me of my childhood in the seventies. when listening to her music it is like a throw back to a time that will never come back and is a marker of time and years floating away that will never return."
Peter Lee

London Essex
"I have been a great fan for years. Her music struck a chord with me from an early age and I feel lucky to have been able to hear all of her albums. My sympathies to her family."
John H
"Lesley had a beautiful voice. And she must have been a special person to have written such great songs and to perform them with so many great artists. I'm at the stage in my life when I remember the special albums I bought back then and I was just thinking about hers just the other day. I wish I'd known when I've been in Tobermory that she was so near. My thoughts are with her family at this time. Phil"
Phil Scot
"Hello Tony. Just read about Lesley on the BBC website. Very saddened to hear the news, she will be sorely missed but always remembered. It was lovely knowing you both in your years in Welton."
Carl Smith
"Met Lesley in Luxemborg as she was being interviewed on Kid Jensen show [ I shared a flat we kid ] in 70s,had a fantastic dinner that evening with Lesley , what amazing lady she was . will miss her ."
Golly Gallagher
Hampshire / UK
"I've followed Lesley for the past 35 years and am very upset to hear of her death. I recall getting a letter published in the NME or Melody Maker in the 70s saying how she was the future of the English women singer songwriters. She still shines for me. Who else sang about our planet and supported Friends of the Earth like she did? She saw what was coming. Recently I tried to do a compilation of songs about respect for the earth - not many songs around but of course Earth Mother was there. Seeing the earth as a mother is from St Francis - I hope they get on well together!"
Chris Simpson
Thirsk, UK
"Truly sad to hear of Lesley's untimely passing. She was and always will be my favourite female artist of all time. 'Sing children sing.Sing of the true way, sing of the time. Show them the new way, let your light shine.'"
Jim Rae
Lanarkshire, Scotland
"So sad to hear of Lesley's passing. I like the Alan Parsons Project song with her vocals. A beautiful voice. I play the song over and over."
Glen Eisner
"I only heard this terribly sad news last night. I met Lesley in 1975 after her support gig for Don McLean at The Royal Albert Hall. Later that evening I went to a party at her home which carried on through the night with friends and family. Her two (very young) sons, Sam and Joe were there...I've often wondered how they are and what they're doing now. Lesley had the most beautiful voice, from the first moment I heard her sing I was captivated. 'Moonbathing' has been and will always be my favourite album of all time. It re-creates the era and magic from that time in my life (I was only 17) and for that I have always silently thanked her. Farewell Lesley and once more from my heart, thank you. xxx "
Sue Graham
"I was lucky enough to have known Lesley well in the 1960s. She was a wonderful singer and songwriter as well as being a thoughful, engaging often amusing and always extremely loveable lady. Like many of us who were lucky enough to have known her I will always hold on to the many happy memories I have of her. My sincere condolences go to you Tony for your great loss. Thanks to Lesley for all of the music and memories. You made a huge impression on all who knew you and will be greatly missed."
Wayne Bardell
London England
"One of the greatest female vocalists of all time in particular her vocals on Dark Side of the Moon.
God bless."

Brian Hawes
Wolverhampton UK
"I am very sorry to hear about Lesley's death. As a young man buying records for the fisrt time in the early 1970s I bought Sing Children Sing and Then Earth Mother. She had a loverly voice and was a writer of considerable ability.
Nearly 30 years later I still listen to her records and will continue to do so. So I suppose in that sense she lives on."

Keith short
London England
"Heard last night, On Bob Harris's show, that Lesley sadly died.
First became aware of Lesley and her music via Elton John's music and concerts in the early 70's. Sad loss to this world and her family."

David Bishop
Oxford, England
"If I Could Change Your Mind is one of my favorite songs of all times. I just learned that the one who sang it, has passed away. RIP Lesley, you will forever live on in that song.
My heart goes out to her family and loved ones!"

Patrick Beckers
Maastricht, Netherlands
"Well, can't add to any of the wonderful tributes here - just desperately sad that Lesley's left us far too soon. She did us the honour of performing our radio station song and jingle package at the same time as Moon Bathing; as young hopefuls we were very seriously impressed to have someone of her talent and experience on our side. My dad and mum stayed in Tob at the time and managed to pick up the opening song thanks to his FM wizardry, so a bit of serendipity there as well - which I now think seems very appropriate"
Mike G
East Lothian
"I bought Lesley's albums as a schoolboy and my favourite tracks still come up on my iPod 'shuffle' today. As a journalist I spend my working life interviewing those who are considered news, but often wish I could sit down with singers and writers who have disappeared from the public eye but whose work has meant a lot to me. Lesley would have been just such an artist. I'm so sorry to learn of her passing and more sorry still to hear she had been in such pain. But how wonderful that she had built a new life in such a beautiful place and that she is remembered so fondly by local people unaware of her musical heritage. My sincere condolences to her husband and sons and my thanks to Lesley for the voice, the words and the music, which will live on and on."
Alan Jackson
London, UK
"I heard the news on Bob Harris's radio show last night - I bought Lesley's album "Everything Changes" when it came out, and over 10 years later I too had a son called Sam. The words of her song moved me to tears when he was a baby, and they still do. Lesley was indeed a great songwriter and singer and I send my heartfelt condolences to her family."
Beverley Linthorne
Basingstoke, UK
"It has been a cruel month, losing Lesley and Micky Jones. Had some really fun nights out with Lesley and she was such a great laugh. At least we still have her music"
Lucy Chenier
Paris, France
"So sorry to hear the sad news, Lesley was a lovely person. As Mike G writes below, Lesley was on the Radio Forth Song, but she was not on the jingles. What happened was that the jingles package was being completed at Emison studios in London in November 1974 with writer-producer Rupert Hine (later to write and produce for the likes of Tina Turner). We both agreed that while the jingles were shaping up with the existing singers, the vocals on the song were not turning out right. I thought that Lesley would be fine since I admired her for her CBS albums Earth Mother and Sing Children Sing, and lead with (the original) Nirvana on "Love suite" (with her name misspelled!). She came in to the studio and polished off the song perfectly in a just few takes."
Ian Anderson
"I was a young Detective when I came to know Lesley. She was visiting her mother and I happened to be there. She came rushing in with the demo tape recording of her 'Love Song' and she wanted us to hear it and let her know what we thought. I was knocked out by its simplicity, reality and I was captivated. She went on joyfully to tell us that the sound we could hear in the back ground was the lady cleaner as she hoovered round the recording studio and whistled along during the middle section. She deliberated as to whether the demo should be the finished product and we may have helped her to make up her mind,,, because the demo is the track on vinyl. So, since '71 I have followed Lesley's life. Lesley will be hurtfully missed, but her songs will live on and she will continue to be loved for being Lesley the singer/song writer. I play guitar and sing, I always include Lesley's 'Love Song' where ever I may be and the folks listening will continue to know the girl I met in '71. Our Love, God Bless, Barbara & Peter (Peter Howe B.E.M.)"
Peter Howe B.E.M.
Normanby, Cleveland.
"Sad news indeed.
Lesley Duncan's music and lyrics were an integral part of my formative years. I attempted to source some of her vinyl recordings only a few weeks ago. Once seen and heard -never forgotten.

Willie McDougall
Edinburgh ,Scotland
"Such sad news. Lesley was the first live act my (now) husband and I saw together. It was at the QEH on the South Bank in 1972 and Long John Baldry was support. At the end of the gig she the audience demanded an encore. She reluctantly came back and apologised for being unprepared for such an eventuality and had to repeat a song she had already performed. She seemed genuinely surprised and embarassed by the audiences reluctance to let her go. Lovely voice, lovely person. RIP Lesley, I'm off to the loft to dig out some vinyl."
"God bless you Lesley, Back in the sixties, you called me The Little Prince, and gave me my first copy of the book!
Where has the time gone?
See you soon,"

Philip & Louisa Sanderson
Weybridge, England
"God bless you, Lesley. Peace and Love."
Mark McKendrick
"So sad to hear about lesleys passing. It was a joy to know you both."
Brian & Margaret Smith
"Lesley. Such sad news. Just wanted to acknowledge your passing in some small way. You will never be far from our thoughts. Your recordings will B treasured!"
Trevor Tapscott
England UK
"I was checking my friends on Myspace for the first time in a few weeks when I came across the news that Lesley had passed. I couldn't believe what I was reading. Firstly, 66 is no age these days and secondly, I'm sure we all picture Lesley as we have seen her in so many photographs, perennially young. Condolences to family and friends. Her music will be even more poignant to me now."
Neil Procter
Dursley, England
"We were just talking the other day about the toys Lesley used to give to my sister Claire when Sam and Joe had outgrown them. Only a few days later I was shocked to hear the sad news that Lesley had died (Bob Harris, BBC R2) and I send condolences to Tony, Sam and Joe from the Amos family. RIP Lesley - a truly talented writer and singer of beautiful songs."
Wendy Amos
"So sad to hear of Lesley's death. I remember interviewing her for the Melody Maker when Sing Children Sing came out in 1971, and being impressed by her warmth and wit -- and, of course, her quiet beauty."
Richard Williams
"Sorry to hear of the passing of a fine singer and songwriter. Lesley was a big part of my youth in terms of music. Yet another chapter closed sadly. However she did make a huge impression and one that will continue to be felt and heard for many years. R.I.P Lesley. Sadly missed."
Jon Kirkman
"I am a 56-year old man, and I'm sitting here in floods of tears having just read about Lesley's death. Thank you Lesley for your wonderful voice and songs which have had a deal of meaning for me in past times.
God Bless"

Lancashire, UK
"I only found out about Lesley's passing today through Spectropop. This is such sad news. I was in my teens in the 60s and very conscious of the bond that Dusty, Kiki, Madeline and Lesley had and the part they played in the music industry, both individually and collectively. It saddened me that she never enjoyed the success of her "backing singer pals". "Sing Children Sing" was always such a special track, I loved it when it came out and love it still nearly 40 years down the line. RIP Lesley"
Alan Milewczyk
Manchester, UK
"I have been reduced to floods of tears on hearing this sad news. Why do so many of the lovely people in this world not live long enough or for that matter enjoy the success that their talent deserves? I had not heard the song Tomorrow until it started playing when going into the tribute page. Talk about poignant, a lovely song by a lovely lady."
"l was a huge fan of Lesley during the 70s and played her album "Moonbathing" until it wore out! I was very sad to read of her death in this morning's Guardian newspaper - and so young too! I was also interested to hear that she had moved to Mull - one of my absolute favourite places in the world! May she have eternal rest."
Patrick Russell
"Had her album "Everything Changes" and thought she had a lovely voice. God Bless"
Graham Sweet
"I was mesmerised by Sing Children Sing when I first heard it in 1969. A beautiful voice, and beautiful lyrics. So many other lovely songs too. Very sorry to hear that Lesley has passed away."
James Anderson
"So sorry to hear this sad news. I have 2 of her albums from the 1970s, these are very special and treasured. Its a mystery why she was not better known. Sincere condolences to her husband and family."
John Dyer
"Terribly sad news... One of my favourite singers, Lesley was a true talent and REALLY should have been much bigger than she was - but it would appear she was content to be out of the spotlight, and by all accounts, was a very self effacing person. Your second album Earth Mother will live with me forever (as it has done for the last 35 years) - each song a friend and an individual gem.
Thank you Lesley and now, Rest In Peace."

Anthony Ford
  "I JUST learned of the sad loss of such a great songwriter. As a singer and songwriter, OH what a gift to leave for those of us who aspire to pen for the world a gift as great as LOVE SONG. I pay tribute by my rendition of this song on YOUTUBE. GOD Bless her family during this difficult time. Very Sincerely, Jesse Deese"
Jesse Deese
Panama City Beach, Florida USA
  "My condolences to Lesley's Family and World of friends. I have the "Love Song" album cover on my wall next to Abbey Road and Yes' Close to the Edge."Love Song" absolutely changed my life at 17 y.o. forever, and saved me from a certain early death, as I was into drugs and negative things heavily by then. it was truly a Divinely inspired song as many of hers were, and I feel God came through her well, improving many thousands of lives forever! Tearfully and with gratitude and love to you Lesley."
Joe Talboom
Ashland,Oregon USA
  "For me Leslie, the connection was Dark Side of the Moon but obviously I can see that you achieved so much more. Thank you for your part of a piece of music that means so much to me, Ken."
"Very sad to hear this news. Just spent the evening listening over and over to her records just like I did in the seventies. Pleased to learn that others shared this joy and that she was so loved by family, friends and by so many of us who never knew her."
Nicol Ferrier
"I still have Sing Children Sing, purchased when the album was first relaeased. Don't ask me why I bought it. I have many forgetable records. But I've never been able to part with it. Lesley, I will always remember you. Thanks for touching my life."
Dr. K.
New York/USA
"In the seventies I heard the LP “Sing Children Sing” when I visited a friend. The next day I went to the music shop to order it. Later I bought it as a CD and Earth Mother found also the way to my music collection. On a rainy day the music of Lesley gives me peace in my heart. There are a few things that make the world more beautiful. Lesley’s music with her warm, strong but also venerable voice is one of those things. That’s why I felt so sad when I‘ve read today that she has left us. If I would be alone on an island and I was obliged to choose 3 CD’s, without any doubt one of them would be one of Lesley. You are now gone, but a lot of people will further on find strength in your music."
François THIJS
Antwerpen - Belgium
"Lots of love to Joe and his family xxxx"
Louise Dunbar
"Sad to hear of untimely passing.Thinking of you."
Bridgend County Borough Wales
"A lady with a fabulous, distinctive voice - (thanks to Terry Wogan for still playing her),so sorry to hear of her death. May she rest in peace and be fondly remembered by all who loved her."
Hil Moore
"I used to be a mastering engineer at IBC Studios where Lesley recorded the Sing Children Sing and Earth Mother albums. I used to sit in on some of those recording sessions. I still have full colour visions of those times. Privileged times watching Lesley put together those albums. I've always loved her music and was fortunate enough to remaster those two albums for CD a few years ago. I also feature Lesley's tracks regularly on my radio show because she deserves more coverage than she has. Lesley was a true and gentle star. She will continue to shine forever. Happy days Lesley."
Denis Blackham
Isle of Skye
"Loved her music in the `70s. Saw her live in Cardiff when she supported Leo Sayer. He was irritating (the girl friend loved him !) I thought Lesley was far superior--she sang & played beautifully. A talented & sensitive singer songwriter. R.I.P."
Gareth Jenkins
"Have just heard of the sad news on Johnnie Walker Show.
Lovely gentle musician and songwriter. The light may have gone but somewhere her light will shine brighter. God Bless."

Bryan Morris
Hereford U.K.

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