(Lesley Duncan)

I've tried to like you but I don't think I could
Talking to you is just like talking to wood
But I don't mind
My life is mine
And though you've got me for some time

It's all on paper yes my name's on your file
A legal document you'd say with a smile
But that's just fine it's only time
So I'll just sit and watch you climb

Yes I'll watch you climb to the fortieth floor
Where they throw you to the lions
And then show you the door
Cause it's cold up there on the New York skyline
And the buildings are made of tin
And you've got to watch for the enemies within

For me it's easy cause you don't mean a thing
You caged the songbird but you can't make it sing
You don't scare me I've learned to be detached from little
men like you

But there are others who just won't understand
How a man like you can hold their lives in your hand
When your time comes
Just do your sums
And count the enemies you've made

Cause there's no room for friendship on the fortieth floor
And the ones that you crushed on your slow climb up will show
you the door
And you hardened the head of many a one who would've been
your friend
And the men who cannot bow don't like to bend

Ambition's easy but the price is too high
The power that you seek will turn out a lie
So take your time make up your mind I hope you make it right
and fine

Sunlight Music Productions Ltd.