(Lesley Duncan)

If I'm going to tread the way, well I hope
To do it right.
Yes I'm a true believer in the light
If I go wrong, and lose my way, while I'm wandering
In the night
May I come through to tell you it's all right,
It's all right.

You've gotta help me Jesus
Get me back on the ground
You gotta help me Jesus
Set me back where I'm bound
With your love.

You've had it your way long enough
But you didn't get much done
Did you believe, you'd change things with a gun
Haven't you seen, there's no way out if the least of
Us can't come
We've all got a friend who loves us everyone, everyone.


I've been shown a heaven, and it could he shown to you
And I've got a friend who'll help me get it through
If I go wrong he'll take my hand and he'll show
Me what to do
I've got a friend who loves me - he loves you,
He loves you.


1971 Sunlight Music Productions LTD