Lesley Duncan Sound Clips

Single release in 1986.

I Want A Steady Guy
Single released in 1963
Paper Highway
'B' side of single 1986
Moving Away
'B' Side of single 1963
Masters Of War
Single release 1982
You Kissed Me Boy
Single released in 1963
Another Light Goes Out
'B' side of single 1982
Tell Me
'B' side of single 1963
from the 1979 Michael Chapman album "Life on The Ceiling"
When My Baby Cries
Single released in 1963
Hold On To Love
from the 1980 Mitchell/Coe Mysteries album "Exiled"

Did It Hurt
'B' side of single 1965
If I Could Change Your Mind
from the 1979 Alan Parson's album "Eve"
Just For The Boy
Single released in 1965
Sing Children Sing
Single release in 1979
See That Guy
'B' side of single 1965
Rainbow Games
'B' side of single 1979
Run To Love
Single released in 1965
The Magic's Fine
Single release in 1978

Only The Lonely And Me
'B' side of single 1965
Paper Highway
'B' side of single 1978
Hey Boy
Single Released in 1966
To Be A Pilgrim
Single release in 1974 - duet with Joyce Everson
I Go To Sleep
'B' side of single 1966
Could've Been A Winner
Single release in 1975
Single released in 1968
Exactly Who You Are
'B' Side of Single 1969
I Love You, I Love You
'B' side of single 1968
Sing Children Sing
Single released 1969
A Road To Nowhere
Single released in 1969
Love Song
'B' side of single 1969
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