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A Road To Nowhere
Another Light Goes Out
Another Rainy Day
Broken Old Doll
By And Bye
Chain Of Love
Could Have Been A Winner
Crying In The Sun
Did It Hurt
Don't Worry 'Bout It
Drift Away
Earth Mother
Everything Changes
Exactly Who You Are
Falling Like A Leaf
Fine Friends
Fortieth Floor
God Is Real
Heaven Knows
Help Me Jesus
Hey Boy
Hold On
Hold On To Love
I Can See Where I'm Going
I Go To Sleep
I Want A Steady Guy
If I Could Change Your Mind
If It's All The Same To You
If You Won't Be Mine
I Love You, I Love You
Jumped Right In The River
Just For The Boy
Lady Step Lightly
Let It Roll
Living It All Again
Love Melts Away
Love Song
Love Will Never Lose You
Masters Of War
Maybe It's Lost
Moon bathing
Moving Away
Mr. Rubin
My Soul
Old Friends
Only The Lonely And Me
Paper Highway
Paper Highway '86
Queen To Your King
Rainbow Games
Rescue Me
Ride On The Wind
Rocking Chair
Run To Love
See That Guy
Sing Children Sing
Slipping Sideways
Sorry Living
Tell Me
The Magic's Fine
The Serf
The Sky's On Fire

To Be A Pilgrim
Walk In The Sea
Watch The Tears
We'll Get By
When My Baby Cries
Wooden Spoon

You Kissed Me Boy