(Lesley Duncan)

I'll give you stars and sunshine
A rainbow at your feet each time you rise
So dry your eyes
The house of yesterday, is crumbling at my feet
But I don't mind, I've had my time
I am but yesterday, and you my child - tomorrow.

There's nothing I can give you - for you have more than me
You are the truth, within your youth,
I watch you dance and play,
The little prince of all that you survey
Each night each day.
I am the good old days and you my child - tomorrow.

If I have any future, it is within your eyes
Each time you smile - my child my child.
The hand of life will rock you
I brought you forth and then my task was through
I give to you,
This wondrous view
I am but yesterday and you my child - tomorrow.

1971 Sunbury Music Ltd.