(Lesley Duncan)

OH what a time we had there,
Green waves and moon in the air,
Rode, on a silvery bird to a capsule in L. A.
And I wanted to say, babe,
But the words wouldn't come,
Its through when its through, babe,
It's done when its done.

Resting content in the air,
Touched down but we stayed up there,
Simple and true, there was joy
Coming through of a kind
And I'm wondering how, babe,
Here in my mind
You're doing now, babe, you're doing now,

Blessings can come in disguise,
But I caught one or two in your eyes,
We really gave then and there's
No where or when in my mind.
I'm Just spending time, babe,
Making a rhyme,
I'm doing fine, babe, I'm doing fine.

Sunlight Music