(Lesley Duncan)

Well you're stirring up hatred and you make me ashamed
I really do think that your soul must be maimed
You're trying to tell me it's them or it's us
But I tell you there's no way if we don't build on trust
The world has gone rotten so do what you must
But don't forget love Mr. Rubin, Oh no don't forget love

Well to your kind I know I'm just one of a crowd
But I hope that you'll listen I don't like talkin' loud
There's a strange lack of vision that's driving you on
There's times to be here you say and times to be gone
And the times that we live in must surely be wrong
But don't forget love Mr. Rubin, Oh no don't forget love.

There's a change due to come and you know it
And you think it's your duty to fight
But it's people like you who's gonna blow it
While you're standin' there blacking the light.

Now there's pawns of the devil who don't know his name
It's him that they're fighting you'll hear them all claim
But the devil's in you friend when you say we must kill
And fight for you freedom and take what we will
It's been a good year for losers and you head the bill
In a world short on love Mr. Rubin so don't forget
love Mr. Rubin
Oh no, don't forget love.

1971 Sunlight Music Productions Ltd